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Google SEO Acknowledge Guide

🔴 To simplify communication, we have listed the following understandings related to Google SEO tasks. We need to align our understanding first in order to collaborate effectively and achieve results for you!

1. Google SEO is not cheap!

There is no cheap service in Google SEO; cheap services definitely won’t be effective!
Google SEO is a technical, service-oriented, and resource-intensive endeavor.

① Manpower (assuming you do it yourself, at least one person’s annual salary)

② Technology (domain server website construction, security maintenance, SEO theory)

③ Backlink resources (Do not try to buy cheap backlinks from places like Fiverr, especially from India and Pakistan; you’ll understand once you try it)

True dedication to improving a project’s SEO results, including keyword rankings and overall traffic, is not a simple task!

It requires a deep and detailed understanding of your project, dedicated construction of high-quality content, and serious, extensive backlink building to realize overall effects!

So, if someone tells you that you can get all these tasks done for just a few tens of thousands a year, please consider the feasibility and authenticity!

2. Google SEO services do not create something from nothing, nor do they achieve instant success!

We often encounter clients with insufficient understanding. They ask how soon I can get onto the first page or be the top-ranked for xxx keyword?
To this, we have no comment, because the first carrier for SEO is the website. We first need to analyze the website to see if it has any issues before we can consider SEO. Then we analyze the competition in the industry and keywords, as well as historical website data, to set some probable target results.

If the website is new or has nothing, and you only ask about the price and how quickly it can be ranked first, sorry, we are not magicians. We can’t do that!

3. Google SEO deals with large numbers, not granular quantitative indicators!

Google SEO itself operates like a grey box, optimizing various parameters of the website and external factors to comply with Google’s search engine standards and striving for good ranking performance. This process has no clear standards or precisely quantifiable rules. Our job is to keep up with Google’s latest algorithms and consistently perform work that adheres to Google’s official operational guidelines to improve the probability of your website achieving good rankings in Google search results!
This is a probabilistic job! The value of our Guangsuan Technology team lies in our rich experience, technology, and resources, which greatly enhance your success rate!

We cannot do, nor can we promise, how much traffic or keyword ranking results can be achieved in a certain number of days, or rank a specific keyword to a certain position, among other highly refined quantitative standards. Logically, no one in the world can do that.

For example:

Like sending backlinks, we all know it’s useful! But whether sending 99 or 100 backlinks is effective, or how much a particular backlink can improve the ranking of a specific keyword, no one can say for sure. But if we send them consistently and in large quantities over a long period, the overall data performance of the website will indeed keep improving!

↓↓↓ First align our understanding, then packages ↓↓↓

Google SEO Package

The general plan is only for the regular industry. We can make a customized solution in accordance with your actual needs

If you need WordPress to build a station, the cost of concluding the construction station is 8,000 yuan (the custody fee during the cooperation period is exempted, the server custody fee of the following year is only 1800 yuan)

Pure SEO Package A

¥ 86800
/Year | ¥43400 (half year )

Pure SEO Package B

¥ 186800
/Year | ¥46700 (quarterly)

Pure SEO Package C

¥ 366800
/Year | ¥30567 (month)

⛔ How are your promised keywords choose?

Answer: The keywords we promise to rank are the determination of comprehensive evaluation discussion in combination with the search quantity and competition of keywords It is neither the customer completely specifies, nor we are completely specified , but the operability of us and customers combined with keywords, search volume, industry precision Determine .

⛔How to verify your true and false?

Answer: We support Tencent video conferences to share screen display or go to our company to show you the real case data of Google’s official backstage!
The case data we show you for you are based on the data of Google’s official background Google Search Console.

Not some peers develop a so -called keyword ranking query system to display data for you, the background developed by yourself, what you want to do, you know. We don’t need any beautiful PPT to sort out a few good -looking data for you even if the case is displayed. We firmly believe that the data of Google Search Console is the most convincing. You can observe the customer cases we serve in real time in Google’s official background in the past year’s growth data curve, real -time keyword ranking, real -time traffic data, and so on. We have a large number of service cases to show you directly. If you are interested, please contact us at any time!

⛔ Why choose your optical computing technology? What are the advantages of you compared to other homes?

The advantages of our optical computing technology are summarized as follows:
1, [technical research, focus on results]
Compared with other Party B service companies, there are special products such as GHA high -quality articles, GPB backlinks, GNB natural backlinks, GMB million backlinks, GSI Google rapidly indexed, GPC reptile pools, and GLB external push. Among them, the GLB is out of ranking on the day, and the long -tail word can even dominate the screen.
2. [Ming code price, simple and realistic, flexible combination, do not engage in routine]
Google SEO service is not a very complicated business. All our working modules are clearly marked and can be flexibly combined on demand.
Payment methods can be paid monthly, seasoned, and annual payment.

3. [Exclusive backlinks resources]

To be honest, no matter whether it is the technology of website construction, the creation of original articles on the website, these have no threshold and can be done normally.

Google SEO is essentially the race. In the end, it must be returning to the resource competition

backlinks resources are the key to your decisive victory in your peers, and it is also the biggest advantage that we are different from other peers!

We are the first owner of the market to push Party B’s company with the independent webiste backlinks resource station.
The foundation of Hua Daqi to build a resource station is to ensure the final effect of customers.
The overall chain of other companies, most of them cover up. In fact
In fact, due to the reluctance of cost, it cannot be guaranteed in terms of quality and quantity and stability.

Do a good job of Google SEO is to do three well:

① Website technology optimization

Open fast It is the key requirements for SEO
  • Website code optimization
  • URL structure optimization
  • Internal optimization
  • Sitmap optimization
  • Robots file optimization
  • 404 Optimization, SSL certificate optimization
  • Mobile side adaptation optimization

② On-page optimization

It is the key to getting Google's recognition
  • Must be original content!
  • Learn to write a differentiated title!
  • Correct layout of keywords!
  • It must be related content!
  • The article needs pictures and texts!
  • The richer the website level, the better!
  • Keeping the update frequency is very important!

③ Backlinks optimization

Quality+quantity It is the key to your final victory
  • The more the number of top domain names, the better!
  • The more the number of backlinks, the better!
  • The more natural the backlinks ratio, the better!
  • Artificial original related articles!
  • Guarantee Google indexed!
  • Guarantee DOFOLLOW!
  • Controlled long -term links!
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Introduction of Guangsuan Technology Limited

Founded in 2019 – Guangzhou, China – Focus on Google SEO

Origin: Guangzhou Guangsuan Technology Limited
Guangzhou Guangsuan Technology Limited. was registered and founded in Liwan District, Guangzhou City. It was founded by a number of SEO technical executives who formerly served in various large Party B service companies. Technology experts jointly started a business, focusing on using the technology accumulated for many years to study SEO. Accumulate and provide one-stop Google SEO technology solutions for foreign trade companies.
Development: Guangdong Gaungsuan Technology Limited
After years of business development, the SEO service effects of Guangsuan Technology have been unanimously recognized by our customers, and the company team has grown day by day. In 2023, in order to better develop business, the company upgraded its office space and moved to the beautiful Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone - Foshan Nanhai District Financial High-tech Zone - Xinkai Center Office Building, and settled in the best Grade A office building in Qiandeng Lake District, Foshan City One of the office buildings.

In the same year, the provincial company entity: Guangdong Guangsuan Technology Limited. was registered and established.
Overseas: Guangsuan Technology Limited
Guangsuan Technology believes in: To help customers do a good job in overseas marketing, we must first do a good job in overseas business! Guangsuan Technology itself practices SEO technical services overseas and actively develops overseas markets.

As of 2024, Guangsuan Technology Company has developed overseas cooperative customers through dedicated operations, accounting for more than 50% of the company's total customers!

The growing demand for overseas cooperation has prompted the company's management to strengthen the development of overseas business.
In the same year, the Hong Kong company was registered and established:

Guangsuan Technology Limited

Specializes in undertaking the company’s overseas customer business!

Guangsuan Technology Team

For a technology-based company, the most valuable asset is talent!

Our core team are all Google SEO technical experts with more than 10 years of work experience! He has studied Google algorithms and technologies for many years, is proficient in various underlying technical principles, and has repeatedly verified the correctness of the theory through different case practices.

The technical team we arrange to serve you is by no means a new intern, but an experienced trader. This is also an important guarantee for us to deliver results for you! You can safely leave your work arrangements to our brothers and sisters of Guangsuan.

Business cooperation process​

Operating legally and compliantly is our consistent insistence!

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Delivery report with guaranteed quality and quantity

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Account name: Guangsuan Technology Limited
Account number: 63115226183
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