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Introduction of Guangsuan Technology Limited

Founded in 2019 – Guangzhou, China – Focus on Google SEO

Origin: Guangzhou Guangsuan Technology Limited
Guangzhou Guangsuan Technology Limited. was registered and founded in Liwan District, Guangzhou City. It was founded by a number of SEO technical executives who formerly served in various large Party B service companies. Technology experts jointly started a business, focusing on using the technology accumulated for many years to study SEO. Accumulate and provide one-stop Google SEO technology solutions for foreign trade companies.
Development: Guangdong Gaungsuan Technology Limited
After years of business development, the SEO service effects of Guangsuan Technology have been unanimously recognized by our customers, and the company team has grown day by day. In 2023, in order to better develop business, the company upgraded its office space and moved to the beautiful Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone - Foshan Nanhai District Financial High-tech Zone - Xinkai Center Office Building, and settled in the best Grade A office building in Qiandeng Lake District, Foshan City One of the office buildings.

In the same year, the provincial company entity: Guangdong Guangsuan Technology Limited. was registered and established.
Overseas: Guangsuan Technology Limited
Guangsuan Technology believes in: To help customers do a good job in overseas marketing, we must first do a good job in overseas business! Guangsuan Technology itself practices SEO technical services overseas and actively develops overseas markets.

As of 2024, Guangsuan Technology Company has developed overseas cooperative customers through dedicated operations, accounting for more than 50% of the company's total customers!

The growing demand for overseas cooperation has prompted the company's management to strengthen the development of overseas business.
In the same year, the Hong Kong company was registered and established:

Guangsuan Technology Limited

Specializes in undertaking the company’s overseas customer business!

Guangsuan Technology Team

For a technology-based company, the most valuable asset is talent!

Our core team are all Google SEO technical experts with more than 10 years of work experience! He has studied Google algorithms and technologies for many years, is proficient in various underlying technical principles, and has repeatedly verified the correctness of the theory through different case practices.

The technical team we arrange to serve you is by no means a new intern, but an experienced trader. This is also an important guarantee for us to deliver results for you! You can safely leave your work arrangements to our brothers and sisters of Guangsuan.

The services we provide

Successful Cases
Traditional manufacturing
New energy
Education consulting
News media

Business cooperation process​

Operating legally and compliantly is our consistent insistence!

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Company account information:


Account name: Guangsuan Technology Limited
Account number: 63115226183
Bank code: 007
Branch code: 863
Bank name: JP Morgan Chase HONG KONG BRANCH
Bank country/region: HK


Customer reviews

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