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GNB Natural backlinks
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When doing Google SEO, backlinks are very important, natural backlinks are even more important!
High-quality backlinks are very important, and massive natural backlinks are equally important!

Package A 10,000
Indexed rate over 60%
Survival rate above 50%
Dofollow ratio is more than 10%
The proportion of Nofollow natural links is about 85%
100% safe
Semrush tool available
Just make the home page
Package B 50,000
Indexed rate over 60%
Survival rate above 50%
Dofollow ratio is more than 10%
The proportion of Nofollow natural links is about 85%
100% safe
Semrush tool available
Just make the home page
Package C 100,000
Indexed rate over 60%
Survival rate above 50%
Dofollow ratio is more than 10%
The proportion of Nofollow natural links is about 85%
100% safe
Semrush tool available
Just make the home page

1. The GNB backlinks release cycle is about 10-20 days, No reports are provided. You can query data changes through third-party platforms such as SEMrush.
2. GNB backlinks can only target one target website
3. GNB backlinks are essentially all kinds of forums, blog comments and mass posting
4. GNB backlinks are only for the homepage and brand words of the target website.

The essence of natural backlinks lies in whether they are voluntarily created by users or websites.

If every backlinks you build is valid, Google will think that you are manipulating search engine rankings, and your website may be punished one day. Therefore, when building backlinks, try to avoid artificial manipulation as much as possible. characteristic.


What does GNB backlinks mean?

GNB backlinks means: Guangsuan Nature Backlinks

Full name: Guangsuan Natural External Links

GNB natural backlinks is a unique natural backlinks strategy developed by the Google SEO technical team of Guangsuan Technology. The essence of Google's backlinks algorithm has been refined and this special backlinks operation plan has been formed.

The core of this plan is to proactively build a healthy ratio of Nofollow and Dofollow links. Doing so can effectively avoid being judged by Google as excessive SEO, thereby ensuring the safety of backlinks construction. In addition, this solution can also be combined with the release of high-quality backlinks from GPB. This high-low backlinks strategy can quickly improve the ranking and authority of website keywords.

The core value of GNB backlinks?

1. Improve security: By increasing the natural proportion of backlinks resources on the website, Google’s judgment on excessive SEO can be effectively avoided. This strategy is designed to ensure the safety of website backlinks construction and prevent negative impacts due to over-optimization.

2. Increase the number of massive independent domain names: In Google’s backlinks algorithm, a key indicator is the total number of independent domain names. Having more unique reverse domains pointing to your website means higher ratings and better results in Google’s visibility and rankings.

Does GNB backlinks deliver reports?


The report will be delivered within 20 days, and the keyword anchor text will be processed by us. This natural backlinks plan generally only does the home page. Packages B and C are relatively large, and the internal pages need to also participate in the construction of natural backlinks.

What are the standards for natural backlinks?

1. The target anchor text of the backlinks is not the keyword you want to rank for.

2. The theme of the backlinks website cannot be relevant.

3. backlinks websites cannot all come from high-authority sites.

4. The proportion of backlinks with Nofollow should be higher.

You may have doubts and break the concept of your own SEO knowledge, but if you have ever worked on a website with a monthly traffic of more than 50,000, you will know that what we are saying is right.

Is the proportion of natural backlinks absolutely fixed?


We generally recommend that backlinks with the Nofollow attribute account for about 85% of the entire site’s backlinks, which is an ideal state. However, most websites are basically sending Follow backlinks, which will cause every backlinks to be effective. It’s hard to say what Google’s punishment will be.

What we hope more is an absolutely safe backlinks ratio, so that the website can obtain natural traffic from the Google search engine for a long time.

Successful Cases
Traditional manufacturing
New energy
Education consulting
News media

Introduction of Guangsuan Technology Limited

Founded in 2019 – Guangzhou, China – Focus on Google SEO

Origin: Guangzhou Guangsuan Technology Limited
Guangzhou Guangsuan Technology Limited. was registered and founded in Liwan District, Guangzhou City. It was founded by a number of SEO technical executives who formerly served in various large Party B service companies. Technology experts jointly started a business, focusing on using the technology accumulated for many years to study SEO. Accumulate and provide one-stop Google SEO technology solutions for foreign trade companies.
Development: Guangdong Gaungsuan Technology Limited
After years of business development, the SEO service effects of Guangsuan Technology have been unanimously recognized by our customers, and the company team has grown day by day. In 2023, in order to better develop business, the company upgraded its office space and moved to the beautiful Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone - Foshan Nanhai District Financial High-tech Zone - Xinkai Center Office Building, and settled in the best Grade A office building in Qiandeng Lake District, Foshan City One of the office buildings.

In the same year, the provincial company entity: Guangdong Guangsuan Technology Limited. was registered and established.
Overseas: Guangsuan Technology Limited
Guangsuan Technology believes in: To help customers do a good job in overseas marketing, we must first do a good job in overseas business! Guangsuan Technology itself practices SEO technical services overseas and actively develops overseas markets.

As of 2024, Guangsuan Technology Company has developed overseas cooperative customers through dedicated operations, accounting for more than 50% of the company's total customers!

The growing demand for overseas cooperation has prompted the company's management to strengthen the development of overseas business.
In the same year, the Hong Kong company was registered and established:

Guangsuan Technology Limited

Specializes in undertaking the company’s overseas customer business!

Guangsuan Technology Team

For a technology-based company, the most valuable asset is talent!

Our core team are all Google SEO technical experts with more than 10 years of work experience! He has studied Google algorithms and technologies for many years, is proficient in various underlying technical principles, and has repeatedly verified the correctness of the theory through different case practices.

The technical team we arrange to serve you is by no means a new intern, but an experienced trader. This is also an important guarantee for us to deliver results for you! You can safely leave your work arrangements to our brothers and sisters of Guangsuan.

Business cooperation process​

Operating legally and compliantly is our consistent insistence!

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Account name: Guangsuan Technology Limited
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