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Impact website G o o g l eThe important factor in ranking is backlinks

Continuously building high-quality backlinks is crucial to your website ranking

Package A 100
1 backlinks 1 independent original article
1 backlinks corresponds to 1 top-level domain
100 top-level domain
100% indexed by Google
100% Dofollow
Package B 200
1 backlinks 1 independent original article
1 backlinks corresponds to 1 top-level domain
200 top-level domain
100% indexed by Google
100% Dofollow
Package C 400
1 backlinks 1 independent original article
1 backlinks corresponds to 1 top-level domain
400 top-level domain
100% indexed by Google
100% Dofollow

1. By default, 5 articles are published a day. You can speed up or slow down the publishing frequency according to customer needs
2. Progress reports will be made through the corporate WeChat group every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
3. Reports will be provided after all releases are completed.

What is the difference between GPB backlinks and other backlinks?

Other providers

We dare to promise results

Only data improvement is convincing. One month after the backlinks is released, you can see the increase in display volume through Google Search Console, or you can refer to the growth of keyword ranking data on third-party platforms Semrush, Ahrefs or MOZ.


What does GPB backlinks mean?

GPB Backlinks stands for "Guangsuan Private Backlinks", and its full name is "Guangsuan Private Backlinks".

Each link is a top-level domain name independent backlinks, with high quality, indexed and dofollow characteristics.
Because all of them are artificially original and relevant articles published, the effect is obvious, and the majority of foreign trade SEO practitioners in the market like it.

What is the authority and traffic of GPB backlinks?

When we send backlinks, we will not provide customers with any authority and traffic data of our backlinks. We neither provide nor promise. If you insist on checking our GPB website data, you may find that our DA value is generally around 20-60. However, we do not promise this value in the service delivery results we provide to customers.

Because the customer's perception is not necessarily consistent with our practical understanding, we are too lazy to convince the customer whether those authoritys are useful or not.

Our main focus is to illustrate the effect of our backlinks through the SEO data that your website has truly improved after completing the backlinks.

We do not provide pre-sales screening of website lists, nor do we provide or promise third-party platform authority data. If customers struggle with these details, we will not accept the order.

Do Google's articles published by the backlinks must be original? Can I post an article?

You cannot send an article to many websites without restrictions. Such operations are meaningless.
To do a good job of Google's backlinks, originality is necessary, and how many original articles do you need to do if you do, an backlinks and an independent original article, and the content must be related to the industry. This is the best effect.

As long as you buy our backlinks package, all include the number of backlinks*content of the number of original articles

For example, if you buy 100 GPB backlinks, we will write 100 original related industry backlinks articles for you to ensure that the ranking of your website is improved.

The number of reverse links found in third -party tools is important or the number of independent domain names is important?

The number of referral domain names is more important!

Search engines will consider how many other independent domain names are introduced to determine the authority and credibility of the website. If a website has many high -quality independent domain names to introduce it, it is more likely to get higher ranking on the search engine results page.

What are the foundation indicators to do the Google backlinks?

Inclusion rate: 100%of the backlinks will be indexed by Google, and the backlinks that are not indexed will not be effective.

Diversity: It is important to obtain backlinks from different sources.

Perspectability: backlinks construction is a continuous process.

Regularly increasing backlinks can increase the ranking of the website on the search engine results page.

Effectiveness: Building the DOFOLLOW backlinks is one of the strategies to improve your website's target keywords.

Stability: The backlinks that do not delete permanently and can survive for a long time will really play the results.

Search engines will consider the persistence of backlinks to determine its value in ranking.

Original: Articles published on the backlinks must be original, not pseudo -original or replicated content, because search engines are more inclined to display unique and valuable content.

Do I have to consider correlation with backlinks?


100%purely related backlinks are cheating, because the relevant backlinks will do it for you, which will make Google think that this is a link for paid links or exchanging each other with each other, because the backlinks should be created naturally. Instead of deliberate.

In fact, the backlinks algorithm is a simple and direct algorithm. The theme correlation of the website is naturally a indicator, but this indicator is not a necessary indicator. There are other indicators, the correlation of the backlinks article itself, the authority of the backlinks website itself, the backlinks link relationship of the backlinks URL itself, the originality of the backlinks article, the quality, the number of anchor text DOFOLLOW, the number of backlinks, etc.
There are many indicators of Google's backlinks algorithms, and finally the scores obtained. A website correlation does not determine the effect and value of the backlinks.
A large number of real customer practice data shows that indicators that affect the backlinks effect are more reflected in the number of backlinks, authoritys and articles quality, and the correlation with the website is not reflected.

How to judge the value of the backlinks itself?

Data upgrades are direct results.

Only our optical computing technology dares to promise the GPB backlinks to enhance the overall ranking data of the target website.

We also believe that the change in keyword rankings is the only criterion for judging the effect of backlinks construction.

What are the advantages of the backlinks you sell compared with the FiverR platform seller?

1. Under the same quality, we are cheap.

2. Our backlinks resources are enough to pull up the ranking data of your website. Fiverr you have to have a family to chat. Most of them are individuals and not enterprises. The quality is not guaranteed. It is not an ideal long -term resource channel.

3. Our domestic company operates, pays public funds, has contracts, and after sale, dares to promise to be guaranteed for the overall operation of your website. If you are in Fiverr, you confirm that you have paid today. You may not find him tomorrow. He said the day after the day and delete it. You are helpless.

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Introduction of Guangsuan Technology Limited

Founded in 2019 – Guangzhou, China – Focus on Google SEO

Origin: Guangzhou Guangsuan Technology Limited
Guangzhou Guangsuan Technology Limited. was registered and founded in Liwan District, Guangzhou City. It was founded by a number of SEO technical executives who formerly served in various large Party B service companies. Technology experts jointly started a business, focusing on using the technology accumulated for many years to study SEO. Accumulate and provide one-stop Google SEO technology solutions for foreign trade companies.
Development: Guangdong Gaungsuan Technology Limited
After years of business development, the SEO service effects of Guangsuan Technology have been unanimously recognized by our customers, and the company team has grown day by day. In 2023, in order to better develop business, the company upgraded its office space and moved to the beautiful Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone - Foshan Nanhai District Financial High-tech Zone - Xinkai Center Office Building, and settled in the best Grade A office building in Qiandeng Lake District, Foshan City One of the office buildings.

In the same year, the provincial company entity: Guangdong Guangsuan Technology Limited. was registered and established.
Overseas: Guangsuan Technology Limited
Guangsuan Technology believes in: To help customers do a good job in overseas marketing, we must first do a good job in overseas business! Guangsuan Technology itself practices SEO technical services overseas and actively develops overseas markets.

As of 2024, Guangsuan Technology Company has developed overseas cooperative customers through dedicated operations, accounting for more than 50% of the company's total customers!

The growing demand for overseas cooperation has prompted the company's management to strengthen the development of overseas business.
In the same year, the Hong Kong company was registered and established:

Guangsuan Technology Limited

Specializes in undertaking the company’s overseas customer business!

Guangsuan Technology Team

For a technology-based company, the most valuable asset is talent!

Our core team are all Google SEO technical experts with more than 10 years of work experience! He has studied Google algorithms and technologies for many years, is proficient in various underlying technical principles, and has repeatedly verified the correctness of the theory through different case practices.

The technical team we arrange to serve you is by no means a new intern, but an experienced trader. This is also an important guarantee for us to deliver results for you! You can safely leave your work arrangements to our brothers and sisters of Guangsuan.

Business cooperation process​

Operating legally and compliantly is our consistent insistence!

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Account name: Guangsuan Technology Limited
Account number: 63115226183
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