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Google SEO Traffic Boost Solution
At least a 50% increase in traffic.
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Special Characteristics of B2C Industries

Adult Products
“GuangSuan Technology boosted traffic by 50%, lowering Google ad costs by 78%.”
—— GuangSuan Client
Vape Manufacturer
“Guangsuan Technology boosted our online sales by increasing traffic when we couldn't advertise.”
—— GuangSuan Client

GuangSuan Tech B2C Traffic Boost Solution

🔴 Tailored for challenging B2C industries

Traffic increase guaranteed to be over 50%

流量 A 套餐

¥ 61700 年付(含下列项目和费用)

流量 B 套餐

¥ 94700 年付(含下列项目和费用)

流量 C 套餐

¥ 160700 年付(含下列项目和费用)

⛔ Do you guarantee keyword rankings?

Answer:In the traffic-focused model, we do not guarantee keyword rankings.
We prioritize keywords based on ease of optimization and potential traffic. We focus on attracting industry-related traffic rather than fixating on specific keywords.

⛔ How can we verify the authenticity of your capabilities?

Answer:We support free testing!
We have enough confidence in our team’s technical services, and we can provide technical support. We can conduct a free test using the keywords and topics provided by the client.
We expand articles on our website based on your keywords, get them indexed in three days, and show you the real ranking results, backed by Google Search Console data. Try our ranking services to see our capabilities.

⛔ What advantages do you have compared to others?

The advantages of our company, Guangsuan Technology, can be summarized as follows:
1、【We prioritize results through technical expertise.】
Compared to competitors, we offer unique products like GHA articles, GPB backlinks, GNB natural backlinks, GMB million backlinks, GSI Google indexing, GPC crawler pool, and GLB instant ranking, even for long-tail keywords.
2、【Transparent pricing, straightforward, flexible combinations, no gimmicks】
Google SEO services are not inherently complex, and all our service modules have clear, transparent pricing, allowing for flexible customization as needed.
We offer payment options on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

3、【Exclusive backlink resources】

onestly, there are no barriers to website development technology or creating original website articles; anyone can do them well.

The essence of Google SEO is a race, and in the end, it inevitably comes down to a competition for resources.

Backlink resources are the key to surpassing your competitors and our biggest advantage that sets us apart from other peers in SEO!

We are the first in the market to promote independent station backlink resource sites as a third-party company.
We invest significant efforts in building the foundation of the resource site to ensure the final results for our clients.
Other companies try to conceal the fact that they simply act as intermediaries on foreign platforms like Fiverr to purchase external links.
In reality, due to cost-cutting, they cannot guarantee the quality, quantity, and stability of these links.

Effect datas and cases

We don't win at the starting line,
Instead, we win by focusing on one thing.